Five hand-selected products that are essential for keeping your car looking its best this winter, even when the roads are not.

Winter is right around the corner and SweetCars has just what your car needs. Give our service department a call today and talk with Paul, our Service Manager, about what your car needs to be ready for winter.

Brand: Ceramic Pro

Product: Ceramic Pro Rain Application

Sale Price: $49.99 Retail $75.00

Description: Exterior glass surfaces treated by our Ceramic Pro Installers to give you 12 months of easy to clean glass, UV & Weather Resistance and great hydrophobic effect for safer driving. No appointment necessary for this installation.

Brand: Snow Joe

Product: 2-in-1 Snow Broom

Sale Price: $14.99 Retail $19.99

Description: Ice scraper function easily removes ice from glass, while the foam blade side is the safest way to remove snow piled on the roof, hood or trunk.

Brand: Griot’s Garage

Product: Rinseless Wash & Wax 16oz

Sale Price: 15.99 Retail $19.99

Description: Ultra-concentrated formula safely and quickly washes your vehicle without having to rinse during the wash process. It unique blend of carnauba wax and polymers provide additional protection.

Brand: Whip’s Wax

Product: Road Salt Remover 16 oz.

Sale Price: $7.99 Retail $9.99

Description: Emulsifies road salt for quick and easy removal without damaging paint.

Brand: Nextzett

Product: Winter Windshield Combo Pack

Sale Price: $14.99 Retail Price$21.99

Description: Combo pack includes on bottle of De-Icer and one bottle of Anti-Frost Windshield concentrate.