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Month: September 2017

Washing Without Rinsing

Greetings fellow detailing enthusiasts! It has been a busy summer in the detail studio, and it was a pleasure to host another national training event for Ceramic Pro. We had about 20 installers from all over the country come in for a 2-day training event that was put on by Ceramic Pro for both new and veteran installers to learn the latest and greatest techniques. I love these types of

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Winter Prep You’ll Appreciate in the Spring

The dog days of summer are often a hot, sticky mess here in Indiana. But the day of the SweetCars lunch was a pleasant surprise because of the nice weather. This led to a fantastic turnout of the area’s great cars and the people who love them. As the newest member of the SweetCars service team, it was my first time attending this event. The first car my wife and

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Racing Out of the Comfort Zone

I hear all the time from my customers that “there’s nowhere around here to really drive my car to its full potential!” While there are some areas in northern Indiana where you can go for a spirited drive (at or below the posted speed limit, of course), it is tough to find track events that don’t require you to be an experienced racer. Fear not; we’ve found an event for

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A Summer of Dreaming

I read somewhere that as an adult, your car preferences are usually based on what you dreamed about owning as a kid. That theory sure held up with the owners of the Thunderbirds and Mustangs that were the featured cars at our most recent SweetCars lunch. And it was the same story for the Corvette and MINI owners at our lunch last April. The best part of these car shows

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