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Swap Out Your Seasonal Tires at SweetCars

Winter is here—time for more traction! From sedans to SUVs, swapping out your tires seasonally can extend the life expectancy of your tires.

Not sure exactly what you need or how to make the swap? Talk to the experts at SweetCars! We offer quick and easy installations, plus advice on storing and transporting your off-season set. Book an appointment today, and we’ll make sure your car is ready for that first trip in the snow!

The benefits of swapping
out your tires seasonally:

  • Increased traction for better handling and
    safer driving in wintry conditions
  • Longer life for each set of tires
  • Special rubber compound used in winter tires provides better grip at lower temps but can degrade faster in warmer weather
  • Dedicated set of winter tires is essential for
    optimal handling in harsh Midwestern winters

Seasonal Tire Swaps

Starting at


*Additional mount/dismount
fees may apply. Limited time only.

Visit SweetCars or call (260) 207-2277
to set up an appointment today.

Service Hours

Monday–Friday: 8AM–5PM

Saturday and Sunday: Closed

Have more questions?

We offer competitive hourly rates on these services and more. Call us today at (260) 207-2277 for a professional evaluation and quote on the services you need!

Nate Corwin
Nate Corwin Service Manager