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February 2012 Shift Newsletter Article (Part 2)


Now that the engine is dry and clean, it’s time to dress the engine bay. Use a dressing that will not leave a greasy look and feel. Most vinyl and rubber dressings, such as Armor All, will leave a residue that can attract dust and dirt, and it gives the engine a greasy look and feel. A high-quality dressing, such as Griot’s Garage Engine Bay Dressing, gives you a factory look and eliminates the greasy look that also attracts dust and dirt. It will also get into areas that most dressings can’t, allowing your wiring harnesses and black hoses to stand out with incredible vibrance. Give your engine one final wipe down to evenly cover engine components, and you’re done! And for better results, I recommend wiping down engine panels, under-hood paint, hinges, decals, and quarter-panel top channels. And if there are any chrome areas, polishing them will really make them stand out.

With so much going on under the hood, engine detailing may look like a daunting task. But it’s all about using the right products and doing things safely. A properly detailed engine not only makes your car look fantastic, but it also helps your engine run at cooler temperatures, making it easier to spot oil and coolant leaks, thus making it easier to maintain your engine. And most importantly, the next time someone says, “Pop the hood”, you can proudly display a beautiful engine.

Until next time, and take pride in your superbly detailed ride,

Mike Cardenas

Master Detailer


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