Scrape Armor
Precision Skid Plates

Arm your car against scrape damage.

We see it all the time — stunning vehicles that have scraped across speed bumps, potholes, and inclined driveways, causing damage to the underside of your vehicles. Though seemingly minor at the time, that damage can quickly lead to expensive repairs and part replacements. That’s why, as Fort Wayne’s trusted source for automotive care and products, we recommend Scrape Armor precision-fit skid plates.

Crafted from Teklite polymer, Scrape Armor reduces surface friction by 50%, allowing your bumper to glide across otherwise damage-causing obstacles, while utilizing patent-pending Eliptek edges to eliminate catching. And because the plates are precision machined and 3D formed, you’re sure to enjoy an attractive, low-profile, perfect fit.

SweetCars is the area’s trusted Scrape Armor supplier. And we want to give you and your car the complete protection and peace of mind you deserve. So give us a call and schedule your Scrape Armor appointment today.


Scrape Armor

We Are The Only Certified Installer of Scrape Armor in Northeast Indiana

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