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All-In-One Products (AIO) Explained

It’s been a busy winter here at the SweetCars shop, and I’m especially excited about our new SweetCars Blog. I’ve created this blog to help answer detailing questions, post helpful tips and tricks, offer product reviews, and showcase some of the vehicles that we’re currently working on — along with other SweetCars happenings. The blog has received rave reviews, and I’m thrilled about how supportive the detailing community has been. I welcome everyone to visit our blog at www.blog.sweetcars.com. It’s a great resource for car enthusiasts everywhere.

In this issue of Shift, I’m going to explain the benefits of all-in-one products. For many, time can become a factor when polishing a car. Perhaps ease of use is a concern for the novice detailer looking to improve the look of a car’s finish. In some instances, the car may require only a light polishing, with protection. All-in-one products (or AIO products, as they are commonly known in the detailing world) are designed to meet the needs of both enthusiast and professional detailers. The majority of AIO products are essentially a combination of a polish and a sealant or wax. They can tackle paint issues, such as oxidation and minor scratches and swirls. They contain fine abrasives that greatly enhance the gloss of paint by removing imperfections. AIOs also contain sealants or waxes to protect paint from the elements.

AIO products can be applied by hand or by using a random-orbital buffer. I suggest that when applying them by hand, you use a foam applicator pad. If using a dual-action buffer is your preference, I recommend using a speed between 3 and 5. I also suggest using a dense foam pad, such as an orange pad — but the paint can sometimes dictate otherwise.

 When a client asks me for a “light buff and wax,” rather than a full-on paint correction, an AIO is usually the best choice. My selection of all-in-one products depends on such factors as vehicle type, storage method, and vehicle use. All-in-one products are generally pretty versatile and can be used on a wide range of vehicles. AIOs can also be used for a variety of services, such as polishing door jambs and under-hood lids, and they work exceptionally well on carbon fiber.

AIOs can sometimes be labeled as cleaner waxes or paint cleaners. It’s important to use a high-grade product to get the best results. I’ve listed my top-five recommended AIO products (in no particular order) below:

  1. Griot’s Garage One-step Sealant
  2. Chemical Guys Blacklight
  3. Sonax Nano Tech Paint Cleaner
  4. Optimum Poli-Seal
  5. Meguiar’s Mirror Glaze Cleaner Wax

I have these products in my detailing arsenal. The products you choose are a matter of preference, of course, but a high-quality product can really make a difference in the results. Consider all-in-one products the next time your vehicle needs polishing and protection, in little time, without too many additional steps.

Until next time, take pride in your superbly detailed ride.



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