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Ferrari 360 Modena Detail

Detailing Ferraris is one of our many specialities here at SweetCars, and as a life long Ferrari enthusiast I am always passionate about working with them. This particular Ferrari is one of the most complete 360s I’ve ever seen, it has every available option for the 360 including matching luggage and a removable sunroof. This car had been well cared for and needed very little, but did need a bit of correction and an engine detail to proudly display the 400 horsepower V-8 engine. Introduced in 1999 at Geneva Auto Show, the 360 Modena was to be the replacement for the highly succesful F355. The glass engine display, was done as part of Pinifarina’s design to display the F360’s masterpiece of an engine. This particular Ferrari 360 that was detailed at SweetCars, was built by one of the many coachbuilders that Ferrari uses, Carrozzeria Scaglietti. The Scaglietti customization program was used for the removable roof option, among other things. With no time to spare, Michael Barney and I teamed up to work together on this F360. Michael would detail the interior, I would take care of the engine and together we would tackle the paint correction. Here’s some pics from that detail for all to enjoy.

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