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Paint Correction Lighting

I’ve recently detailed a Honda Civic Si for a client who has kept this vehicle meticulously detailed and for a 2009, it was in excellent condition. The paint was maintained by a another detail shop and although the car had a shiny clean look to it, I noticed that there were traces of light scratches and swirls all over. The color should of made it easy to see them, but the scratches were so light that it wasn’t until I brought to the SweetCars detail studio, that I could really see them under our lights. This would be a case in which lighting during the correction detail would play a huge factor in the results. I opted for correcting this vehicle in low surrounding light and using spotlights to highlight the scratches and swirls to properly correct them. Within seconds of inspecting the vehicle under this lighting, everything just seemed to jump out and I was able to correct the paint. Using a swirl finder light along the way was also necessary to spot check my progress even closer, a must-have for any paint correction work in my book. Under the most detailed approach to paint correction, lighting plays a huge role in getting the desired results. It can make the difference between an good detail to an outstanding result. Especially when a vehicle can almost seem to have a perfect finish prior to correction.

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