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detailed and clean BMW car engine under the hood

The SweetCars Approach to Engine Detailing

The SweetCars approach to engine detailing is to make an engine look the way it did when it left the factory. That is to say that we don’t believe in “overly dressed” engine detailing. The type of detailing where every part you touch leaves a greasy feeling. The car was never intended to look that way from the factory and I for one, stand on the side of preservation and making things look the way they were intended to look. There are different products you can use to make an engine go back to its factory look and it can also be a pretty tedious task to get in every nook and cranny. Having done my fair share of engine details for photo shoots, an overly glossy engine will give any photographer difficulty when shooting. Items that are to be shiny should be shiny, and parts that are matte should look matte. The products we use to detail an engine, protect engine components as well. The other concern is safety, the proper precautions must be taken when detailing an engine. One of our specialities are Ferrari and Lamborghini, on these cars its very important to have working knowledge to avoid engine problems. Here’s some before and after shots of an engine detail on a BMW 525i I did to give an example of the SweetCars approach to engine detailing.

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