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Porsche 911 Turbo Cabriolet Paint Correction Detail

A new client of mine recently took ownership of this 2010 Porsche 911 Turbo Cab, he soon contacted me about doing a paint correction detail on his new purchase. At first glance, the 911 seemed to be in good shape but with my trusty Brinkmann I was able to see that the car needed a lot of work. Some dealerships have inexperienced personnel that prep cars for delivery and in the process, they do more harm than good. This Porsche 911 Turbo had signs of poor washing and drying practices.

The Paint Correction Process:

After using a 3-Bucket process to properly wash the vehicle, I removed any existing wax what was on the vehicle to give me a clean surface to start with. The paint was cleaned from contaminants using Griot’s Garage Paint Clay. Porsche clear coat is typically pretty forgiving, but it does require a certain approach to keep it progressing to a mirror finish. Once the correction process was completed, the paint was polished and “jeweled” to an intense deep gloss. It was then treated with a cleaning fluid by Swissvax to to prepare the paint surface to the wax process. Now there’s waxing by hand, and then there is literally waxing by hand. The wax was applied to the paint by working it onto the surface with my bare hands. The heat from my hands helps in the waxing process and when using Swissvax Mirage, its my preferred method for applying this wax.

The vehicle now has a better than showroom new paint finish and its a finish that looks amazing in the sun. Without scratches or swirls to hinder its appearance. It’s a Porsche that will give the owner pride in ownership at the next car show or coffee and cars event. I had a great time working on this Porsche. And of course, I’ve posted pictures to give everyone an inside look of the transformation process. Enjoy!

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