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2013 Subaru BRZ Wash and Gloss Detail

The all new BRZ from Subaru has been a much sought after car since its arrival in the United States this year. With customers still waiting to get their BRZs from Subaru, it’s currently a pretty rare car to see on the streets. This customer had taken delivery of his BRZ a short time ago. Being no stranger to SweetCars and our work, he called us up to schedule a detail on his recently acquired Subaru BRZ. This BRZ in Satin White Pearl, needed a tweak to make the pearl in the paint pop, while giving it a wet-look that will certainly turn heads on the street. Protection was another concern as the car had never been waxed or sealed. With game plan in hand for the detail after meeting with the customer, I began work on the Subaru BRZ. Here are some pictures for those not yet familiar with the new  model from Subaru.

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