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Tips to help you get Best in Show

Detailing Tips to Help Get Best in Show

The shop has been very busy, and through our blog and Facebook, we’ve been getting lots of attention from across the country about what’s happening at the detail studio. We’ve been filling the schedule with great vehicles to detail, and we’ll be showcasing them in the months ahead. Contact us today if your car is in need of a detail, and we’ll put you on our detailing schedule.

The excitement is building for the upcoming car show season, and I know many of us are getting ready to detail our vehicles. In this month’s issue of Shift, I’m going to offer some tips to help you bring home a Best in Show. I’ve detailed vehicles for car shows and concours events, and if there is one piece of detailing advice I can give, it’s that it’s all in the “details.” Although car shows and concours events each have their own set of rules for judging, I’ll be referring to rules used by judges of both Jaguar and Porsche Club of America concours events. Both judge vehicles to a standard, and I’m going to list 15 of the most commonly overlooked detailing items — ones that can make or break a detail at a car show or concours event.

  1. Door hinges, door jambs, and key locks

  2. Trunks, underneath the spare tire, and tools (clean and in order)

  3. Cabriolet (convertible) rear plastic window clarity

  4. Door-panel pockets, glove box, and storage compartments

  5. Gas-cap area and the inside of the gas lid

  6. Wax or polish residue

  7. Shifter boot

  8. Behind the license plate/frame

  9. Battery compartment

  10. Under seats, seatbelt recesses, and seat gaps

  11. Roof liner

  12. Pedals and foot rests

  13. Under the dash

  14. Sun-visor mirrors

  15. Engine and trunk drainage areas

So, whether you’re detailing that everyday driver or a car that is going to be displayed at an event, keeping these items in mind will certainly bring up the level of any detail and help your vehicle look its very best. Until next time, take pride in your detailed ride.

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