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Ferrari Sticky Trim Restoration

Since the introduction of the Ferrari 348 and pretty much every model since then, sticky interiors have plagued most of these fine automobiles. Even newer models such as the California have not escaped the issues of sticky trim parts. Ferrari used a rubberized coating on the interior trim and although the finish looks great in the beginning, exposure to high temperatures and direct sunlight soon begin to transform trim to a sticky mess. Door handles begin to make a mess of the leather interior as they begin to virtually melt and leave residue on hands, vents are soon left alone to avoid messy fingerprints and things such as buttons begin to stick due to the sticky mess left by the coating. Replacing these parts can be expensive and there are places such as stickynomore.com than can also refinish these parts. Restoring these parts can be frustrating for the do-it-yourself owner and usually result in unsatisfactory results.

At SweetCars, we’ve seen these issues with trim time and time again. We’ve restored these parts in-house and have brought back some of the most nastiest, stickiest parts back to a great-looking condition. The parts are user friendly without the sticky mess and some cases, refinished to match without the recurring sticky mess. It’s a process that takes time, but the results are amazing. I recently had a Ferrari 360 Modena in for sticky vents, AC controls and window controls for restoration. Here are pictures of the restoration process.  It’s a process that is perfect for those who are not looking for a Ferrari Classiche type restoration but just simply wanting to make their Ferrari user friendly again. If you have a Ferrari in a sticky situation, and have been frustrated by the mess, give us a call for quote today.


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