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VW Phaeton W12 Paint Restoration Detail.

This VW Phaeton was brought in to me by client that desperately wanted something done to the paint. The vehicle spends most of it’s life in sunny Florida and upon inspecting the paint, it was apparent that this Phaeton was in desperate need of a serious paint restoration. It was covered in deep intense scratches, swirls galore, water spots, oxidation and some of the worst holograms I’ve ever seen. The restorative detail on this VW also included wet-sanding 80% of the vehicle, interior leather work, engine detail and an intense paint correction. The clear coat was incredibly hard in the way of a Bentley. Going with my set up and approach for diamond-hard Bentley type paint, this VW Phaeton was properly detailed to take on a dramatic transformation that kept this particular owner from having to re-paint the entire vehicle and saving huge money in the end.

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