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SweetCars Paint Correction Services

[slideshow]Has your vehicle lost it’s gloss and shine? Is it plagued by swirls and scratches? Our detail studio can bring your vehicle to an exceptional condition that is ready for any concours event, show, or magazine photo shoot. Paint restoration is one of our many specialities, providing a mirror deep gloss to your vehicle’s finish while eliminating swirls and scratches.

Every vehicle is different and requires certain needs, we customize our paint correction to the client’s goals and the vehicle’s specific needs. We have clients from all across the country, and we are proud of our established reputation as one of the best detailing studios in the country. We use the latest in paint correction techniques and products to safely bring your vehicle back to an impressive finish. We pride ourselves in providing our clients with concierge-level service to help them through the detail process. Let us personally walk you through our paint correction process and restore your car to the highest level possible.

Paint Correction

Whether your vehicle is a single-stage painted car or an exotic painted in the toughest ceramic clear coat, we have the knowledge and the experience to safely remove swirls and scratches. The level of correction is determined by how much correction is being commisioned by the client and the vehicle’s paint condition. We strive on a meticulous and passionate pursuit to safely restore paint to a better than showroom condition. Our advanced paint correction techniques safely restore without causing holograms or other imperfections commonly caused by inexperienced detailers. There are no swirls hidden by fillers and glazes, just 100% pure correction by leveling the paint. We gauge your paint to know exactly what the thickness is, giving us a better understanding of how much we have to work with during the process. Preservation is key, we believe that it’s important to minimize the amount of paint or clear coat that is removed. So if you are looking to have your paint restored to its full potential, call on us to give your vehicle the look it deserves.


One Step Correction Detail services start at $400 for Cars and $600 for SUVs.

Hybrid Paint Correction services start at $600 for Cars and $800 for SUVs.

Full Paint Correction starts at $800 for Cars and $1000 for SUVs.

*These estimated time on these services can vary from 1-4 days depending on the work being commissioned.


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