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Exotic and Collector Vehicle Detailing

We know exotics. SweetCars Detailing serves clubs such as the Lamborghini Club of America, Ferrari Club of America, Porsche Club of America and many others as technical consultants for car appearance. Our meticulous attention to detail transcends into every exotic vehicle we work with. Exotics and collector cars require a specialized approach. They are unlike any other vehicle, and our knowledge and experience with these vehicles is well sought after. Dupont Registry recognizes SweetCars as one of the best detailing studios in North America. We are also part of Dupont Registry’s Elite Detailer Alliance, this group is comprised of some of the best detail studios from as far as Australia and the UK.

We pride ourselves in providing the following when detailing these types of vehicles:

1. Safety: Knowing the limitations of the vehicle and having preservation of the vehicle as a key component. We take our time to ensure every detail is done right the first time and not just simply rushed. This is how bad things have been known to happen. Every consideration is given to painstakingly detail the vehicle in the manner in which it was originally handcrafted.

2. Knowledge and Experience: We understand how the vehicle must look and we pride ourselves in giving a factory-look to our detailing. If the vehicle requires a glossy component, then glossy it is. But the degree will always stay within the parameters of its original form. If your Ferrari has sticky components or leather is becoming unstitched, we can help with these type of issues for example.

3. Quality of products: We use the latest and best quality products available in detailing. Using products from Meguiars, Griot’s Garage, Sonax, Menzerna, Swissvax and many others; it allows us to safely restore your vehicle’s appearance.

4. An Artisan Approach: Detailing these vehicles requires a meticulous approach that cant be rushed. Just like building a puzzle; we detail each component, panel, or section in small increments to maintain a meticulous approach during the detail process. Unveiling an incredible looking finished product once completed.

5. Transport Arrangements and On-Site Detailing: Sometimes, its difficult or impossible to drive a vehicle to our location for detailing. We can arrange transportation of your exotic or collector vehicle for detailing. We use the best names in the business that specialize in vehicle transport to have it sent to our detail studio here in Fort Wayne, Indiana. If transporting a vehicle is not an option, we can travel to detail vehicles on-site. We are fully equipped to travel and detail your exotic or collector car safely within the confines of its home.

So whether its a Ferrari that is in need of restoration detailing to bring it back to its former glory, a Lamborghini that is in need of paint correction of its tough ceramic clear coat or a collector car that is too rare to let just anyone handle, let SweetCars be the detail studio for your prized vehicle. Call us today for a quote at 260-207-2277 or email Mike Cardenas at mike@sweetcars.com.


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