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Ragin Racin’s C6 Corvette Z06 Paint Corrrection Detail

The SweetCars detail studio gets its fair amount of Corvettes in for detailing, and this Z06 originally hailing from Bayou country was very unique. This C6 Corvette was tuned in Scott, Louisiana by Ragin’ Racin’. A wide body kit was also added along with their Stage 4 performance kit. This C6 with its NASCAR loud exhaust and aggressive looks, was in need of a little TLC. The 3-piece wheels from 360 Forged needed polished and protected, and the paint was in less than stellar shape. 22ple VM1 was applied to the wheels for long-lasting protection and the paint was put through a hybrid paint correction process to enhance the paint finish. BlackLight from Chemical Guys was then used to protect and optically give the finish a wet-look. The LS7 engine was also detailed and the interior was restored from its typical “chalky” appearance that is commonly found on the C6 Corvette. The owner of this C6 was extremely excited to see the end results of his Corvette detail. Here are pictures of what went into detailing this very unique high-performance C6 Corvette Z06.


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