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2012 Audi A6 Paint Correction & 22ple Detail

There are detailers and then there are detailers. In the detailing world there are different types of detailers our there. Which is to say that some detailers focus more on volume for their business and therefore their services are limited, others are so set in their ways and so their abilities are limited. For many of us in the high line detailing world, we often times get vehicles that have been “detailed” and clients call on us to detail these vehicles again using our specialized approach to detailing. This 2012 Audi A6 is an example of such a situation.

This client had brought his vehicle in to the SweetCars studio to receive a paint correction detail and have 22ple installed. Upon inspection, the vehicle had not been corrected before having its “special coating protection” installed. In fact, the vehicle had numerous holograms and obvious signs of “speed detailing”. Once in the detail studio here at SweetCars, the vehicle went through an intense detailing process.

The vehicle was first washed using our 3-bucket process, the engine was also cleaned during this process. The vehicle engine was then detailed and brought back to new condition and wheels were removed for cleaning. With the wheels removed, they were intensely cleaned, polished and prepared for installation of 22ple VM1 Rim and Metal Glass Coat. This will give the vehicle up to one year of protection and make them easier to maintain and clean. The brake calipers were also painted and VM1 was also applied. Next was the paint, the paint is a ceramic clear coat and was in need of paint correction. The paint was corrected and polished. Some areas had intense deep scratches and they required wet-sanding to properly correct. The vehicle was then prepped and ready to accept the installation of the 22ple VX1 Glass Coat. The vehicle underwent an intense 4 day process and the vehicle detail made a dramatic transformation after it was finished. A perfect mirror gloss finish of Phantom Black Pearl on one happy Audi A6.

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