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Lotus Elise Hybrid Correction and BlackFire Wet Diamond

The Lotus Elise is one of those vehicles that is just fun to drive. True to the Lotus tradition of being extremely light and aptly powered, this 190hp Elise has seen some pretty fun miles over some great driving roads. This Lotus was brought in by its owners for an interior cleaning and a some protection. Upon inspection, this Elise was in need of paint correction before going for protection options. The vehicle then was given a hybrid-style paint correction to eliminate some severe swirls and deep scratches, then topped with Blackfire Wet Diamond for protection. After 2 days of correction, the paint made a remarkable transformation that is sure to turn heads next season. The interior needed detailed as well and most importantly, the carpet (what little there is) needed attention. To completely access for a proper cleaning, the seats were removed and the utilitarian race interior was then detailed. Here’s the pictures from the detail process.

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