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Ferrari 458 Italia Show Stopper Detail

When Ferrari first introduced the 458 Italia, it generated an excitement around the world. And when we see one of these dream machines, we expect them to be awe inspiring and perfect in every way. However, upon closer inspection and with our own concours analysis, they can sometimes fall short of this expectation. This 2012 Ferrari 458 Italia in Nero was in need of paint correction. The recently acquired Italia was brought in by the owner to be fully detailed to perfection. Every part of the vehicle had to exceed expectations and the vehicle needed to be detailed to match its stablemates in the garage. The Italia had numerous swirls and scratches and required a long and meticulous approach to properly correct the finish. The engine, interior and wheels also had to be detailed to poster-worthy condition. The vehicle received a treatment of 22ple on both paint and wheels after being worked. The paint was then treated to an application of Esoteric Signature Wax by Polish Angel to further enhance the gloss and depth. Here are  pictures of the Ferrari 458 Italia detail process. Enjoy!

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