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Ferrari 599 GTO Paint Correction Detail

When Ferrari released the 599 GTO, only 599 owners would have the opportunity to experience Ferrari’s maximum expression of a high-performance road car. The 599 GTO beholds an extreme V12 producing 670 horsepower and catapulting this berlinetta from 0-100 km/h in 3.35 seconds. Two significant GTO cars instantly come to mind as soon as the GTO name is mentioned, the 1962 Ferrari 250 GTO and the unforgettable 1984 Ferrari GTO, which was the latest to bear the badge of Gran Turismo Omologata from Ferrari. Working on limited production vehicles such as the 599 GTO can be an overwhelming and nervous undertaking for many detailers. Experience, passion and patience are among some of the essential tools required for managing such a task. Unfortunately, some detailers fail to posses these qualities and thus damage and poor performance become inevitable.

When a certain Ferrari 599 GTO chassis number 0177201, was purchased a few years ago, the dealer had their detailing department prepare the GTO for its new owner. In retrospect, the vehicle should of been left untouched at the dealer. The vehicle was now wearing major holograms, swirls from poor washing and handling, and was even showing damage on edges from being burned through by an unexperienced detailer.

A special client of mine had purchased the vehicle and after working on several vehicles from his collection, it was apparent to him that the GTO was going to need attention as well. The vehicle was brought to me at SweetCars and the task of bringing back this GTO to a state that even those in Maranello would be proud of, was now on my shoulders.

I soon began to work on this 1 of 599 Ferrari GTOs, detailing all areas of the vehicle. From engine, interior, suspension to paint; the GTO began to come back to its once proud and deserved condition.

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