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1969 Pontiac GTO Detail

In the world of muscle cars, the Pontiac GTO has always held it’s ground as one of the best ever. And of course, many will argue about which model or year is the most significant. Last summer, we had a gentleman visit our detail studio about doing some paint correction work to his 1969 GTO. The vehicle had been restored at Artisans Rods & Classics here in Fort Wayne and it was finally on the road after many months of restoration.  The vehicle was painted in it’s original color, but this GTO was outfitted with a Hotchkis sport suspension and a modern braking system that was capable of stopping it from the power being generated by it’s modified engine. Fast forward  8 months and the GTO was visiting our detail studio once again. This time, it was here to have a paint correction process to remove some minor issues and to protect the paint surfaces. The client wanted a wet-look that showed tons of gloss and would look flawless under the sun. Recalling it’s visit during the summer, the call to action was made and work began on the GTO. After correction, the paint was then protected to give years of protection and maintain that wet-look. Without a doubt, this GTO was finally ready to take on the next season with a look that would turn heads at every stop light.

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