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Aston Martin DB9 Paint Refinement & Coated in Ceramic Pro - SweetCars

Aston Martin DB9 Paint Refinement & Coated in Ceramic Pro

For many years now, SweetCars has been utilizing some type of glass coating protection to our customers. But none have been as successful as Ceramic Pro. The abilities and performance that Ceramic Pro provides is world’s above what many other coatings can muster. The durability is hard to beat with a 9H hardness that provides a lifetime of protection against light swirls, UVA/UVB, environmental factors and a resistance to chemicals, graffiti and damage from water spotting. Our clientele has certainly experienced the benefits of having their vehicle protected with one of the most advanced coatings ever produced. After all, there is only one Ceramic Pro and their vehicle deserves the best!

This brings us to this of many vehicles we are going to feature on our blog from past projects we’ve done at SweetCars with Ceramic Pro. SweetCars is proud to be a hub location for its North American market and we are dedicated to providing the highest level installation possible for Ceramic Pro.

A client of ours in South Florida heard of us joining the Ceramic Pro team at SweetCars and when the opportunity arose to get one of his vehicles out to Indiana, he presented us with this beautiful Aston Martin DB9 for paint correction and protection with our Ceramic Pro Gold Package. The paint underwent intense paint refinement and was then coated with 4 coats of Ceramic Pro that were intensely layered before applying an additional coat of Ceramic Pro Light once the 9H had set for 12 hours. Wheels were removed and coated with Ceramic Pro 9H to provide easy cleaning and protection against harmful brake dust. All exterior glass surfaces were coated with Ceramic Pro Rain to give extraordinary hydrophobic properties and increased visibility. Interior surfaces were coated with Ceramic Pro Leather on the interior leather surfaces and Ceramic Pro Textile was installed on all carpeted surfaces. This makes the interior easy to clean against spills while providing long term protection as well. Here’s the finished Aston Martin DB9 in Ceramic Pro. Simply click on the images to see the results.

Contact SweetCars at 260-207-2277 and make your appointment today for Ceramic Pro!

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