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Gallery: Ceramic Pro Highlights at SweetCars

SweetCars is proud to be an approved installation center for one of the most remarkable protective coatings ever, Ceramic Pro. With only about 2 factory trained and approved Ceramic Pro installers per state, we are part of an elite group of detailers that can install Ceramic Pro and provide Ceramic Pro’s warranty. All installers are required to maintain the highest level of quality in installations of Ceramic Pro and must keep up to date on the latest techniques and products.

This gallery highlights just some of the vehicles we’ve coated in Ceramic Pro over the last few years since joining the Ceramic Pro team. All of the projects featured are still looking as good as the pictures you see here. Once Ceramic Pro is applied, it requires very little maintenance from it’s owner aside from a proper hand wash. There’s no need for polishing, waxing or sealants once the coating is applied. These vehicles are ultra hydrophobic, anti-graffiti, chemical resistant, acid resistant, resistant to minor swirls and scratches, maintain a deep gloss, and resist UVA/UVB. Wheels and calipers are easy to clean without the need of wheel cleaners and is extremely resistant to brake dust and road grime, permanently.

The proof is in the results. Once our clients experience Ceramic Pro on their vehicle, they are forever changed in how they maintain and care for their vehicle’s appearance. It’s easier, glossier and faster to clean, giving them more time to enjoy their vehicle than spending time and money maintaining to keep a glossy and protected vehicle. Many of our clients at SweetCars are referred to us by clients who we installed Ceramic Pro for them. We now have clients that are referrals, upon referrals, upon referrals and all due to the fact that Ceramic Pro works, and works exceptionally great. From vehicles, motorcycles, marine and aviation applications, we’ve used Ceramic Pro to protect and provide a durable glossy finish for decades to come.

Contact your Ceramic Pro representative at SweetCars today at 260-207-2277 or visit www.ceramicproamericas.com for more information


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