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Lamborghini Huracan: XPEL Ultimate Paint Protection Film & Ceramic Pro Gold Package

When the Lamborghini Huracan was first made available to customers as the replacement for the Gallardo, many of us detailers were anxious to get the opportunity to work on the latest and greatest nimble bull from Lamborghini’s stable. A customer of ours in Michigan contacted us about scheduling his Huracan for XPEL Paint Protection Film and Ceramic Pro. So several months passed once the order had been placed for the Huracan and it finally arrived in the Spring, ready to undergo some extensive work at SweetCars. Delivered by enclosed trailer, we quickly began with prepping the vehicle for protection and gloss by performing paint correction and installing a full front clip in XPEL Ultimate. The coverage would include mirrors, full fenders, bumper, full hood and rockers which would be wrapped around edges were applicable for a seamless look. PPF or Paint Protection Film is always installed prior to any glass coating. By it’s design, Ceramic Pro does not allow things to stick to it as it smoothes out the hills and valley on a paint’s surface or “Anchor Pattern” to keep dirt, contaminants and even graffiti from adhering to the finish.

Once the XPEL process was finished, it was on to installation of Ceramic Pro. This Lamborghini was to receive a Gold Package which includes 4 layered coats of Ceramic Pro 9H, 1 coat of Light, wheels coated, exterior glass coated and the interior was protected with both Ceramic Pro Leather and Textile. Once the Huracan was corrected and donning its freshly installed XPEL film with Ceramic Pro applied to all surfaces, it was now ready and protected for years and years to come. Click on the images of the Lamborghini Huracan and enjoy the process!

Contact your SweetCars Detailing representative to book your appointment for XPEL Ultimate and Ceramic Pro on your vehicle for the perfect combination of protection!

Visit www.xpel.com and www.ceramicproamericas.com for more information

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