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A Summer of Dreaming

I read somewhere that as an adult, your car preferences are usually based on what you dreamed about owning as a kid. That theory sure held up with the owners of the Thunderbirds and Mustangs that were the featured cars at our most recent SweetCars lunch. And it was the same story for the Corvette and MINI owners at our lunch last April. The best part of these car shows is seeing the pride and joy of those who have been able to fulfill their dream and then share their journey with the admiring onlookers who are still “dreaming.” It doesn’t matter whether the shows feature Fords or Chevys, Ferraris or Lamborghinis — car shows help us both live and imagine the dream.

This summer offered many opportunities for car enthusiasts, whether they were living, or still imagining, the dream. I look back on an event-filled summer that saw our SweetCars team sponsoring, supporting, participating in, or simply attending some great car shows. While there were a lot of smaller ones, some of the largest and best included:

Rolling into Roanoke — This event, which has become a premier destination in the state, featured over 300 vehicles. For those of you who really like to plan ahead, next year’s event is scheduled for July 21.

Crime Stoppers — Hosted here at SweetCars, this event also gets bigger every year, and over 180 vehicles were displayed with over 400 people attending.

CruZionsville — One of the best Porsche shows of the year, this event is held in the beautiful and quaint downtown area of Zionsville.

For those fortunate enough to own the car of their dreams, one of the best events of the year is the Driving Experience, a fundraising event hosted and organized by the Auburn Cord Duesenberg Museum, located in Auburn, Indiana.  It’s one of the best opportunities to take your car to a world-class track and drive it in a controlled environment, where you can really experience the full potential of the car. Mike Barney, our operations manager, attended this year’s first event, and you can read about his experience later in this newsletter. The ACD planned two of these experiences for this year, with the next one scheduled for a spectacular track in South Haven, Michigan, the weekend of September 16 and 17. If you are interested or would like more information, call (260) 925-1444.

Thanks again for all of you who have chosen SweetCars to find the car of your dreams or to have us service or detail it once you own it. We know you have a choice, and we appreciate you choosing us. And for those still dreaming — stop by. As Bob Dylan sang on his Freewheelin’ album, “I’ll let you be in my dreams if I can be in yours.”

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