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Reasons to Consign Your Vehicle

When you consign your vehicle you can expect to sell your car fast, saving you time and money on things like insurance coverage, the costs from listing on multiple websites and classifieds, obtaining vehicle history reports, and additional vehicle depreciation.

Selling a car takes industry knowledge, training, skills, passion, and vast resources to get it done right and maximize resale dollars. When you consign with SweetCars, you’re tapping our expertise in:

  • Vehicle appraisals, preparation, and reconditioning
  • Digital advertising and marketing
  • Market pricing and negotiations with prospective buyers
  • Buyer trade-ins and financing
  • Mechanical warranties
  • Title transfers and registration

Many people underestimate the time and energy required when selling a vehicle themselves. The consignment option ensures that you get the most out of your sale, and it frees you from the common hassles of selling on your own. SweetCars will do the following:

  • Receive and return phone calls, texts, and email inquiries
  • Sift through unqualified shoppers
  • Set or reschedule appointment times
  • Keep your vehicle clean for showings and test drives
  • Take test drives, requests for maintenance records, and mechanical inspection
  • Negotiate the price

When you sell your car on consignment with SweetCars, you eliminate the risks associated with selling it yourself, primarily the hazards of meeting people you don’t know, the dangers of allowing a stranger to test drive your vehicle, or the potential for improper transfer of ownership after the sale is made.

Consigning your car faster and at maximum value with the help of industry experts who have your best interests in mind. Call us at 260-207-2277 to find out how we can work with you when you’re ready to consign a vehicle. 

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