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Ceramic Coating maintenance

From the Shop: Maintaining Your Ceramic Coated Vehicle

With more and more vehicles coming into SweetCars for ceramic coating services, sometimes called ‘glass coating’ services, we thought it would be beneficial to elaborate more on the topic.

Ceramic coatings such as Ceramic Pro, the product we use, are designed to make maintaining the appearance of your vehicle simple and straight forward. Following a few basic guidelines ensures your vehicle stays beautiful and protected for years to come.

After every ceramic coating service, we make sure to answer the number one question we get asked: “How do I wash my car now?” The answer to this question is actually very straight forward.

Rules to Follow to Maintain Your Ceramic Coating:

– Never use soap with wax additives. SweetCars’ detailing team suds up vehicles with Chemical Guys Citrus Wash and Gloss

– Always use clean water and a 2-bucket method — one bucket with soap and clean water, one bucket with clean water to rinse the contamination from the mitt

– Always use a new or cleaned wash mitt. SweetCars’ shop is stocked with Griot’s Garage Micro Fiber Wash & Scrub Mitts

– Never wash in direct sunlight

– Dry with air or an ultra-soft microfiber towel. SweetCars can’t get enough of the Griots Garage PFM Terry Weave Drying Towels 

Expanding on the guidelines above, it’s important to not wash your vehicle in direct sunlight because the chemicals in the water could potentially leave water spots on your ceramic topcoat. While it is easier to remove the spots from ceramic coating than it is from a factory basecoat or clearcoat, you may find yourself needing to use an instant detailer to remove them. Using an instant detailer is an awesome way to do a quick cleanup on a ceramic coated car, and we highly recommend keeping a bottle of it in your car for those on-the-road, quick cleanups. SweetCars swears by Kenotek Showroom Shine.
One thing we try to reiterate to our customers is how bad an automatic carwash can be for your paint. While ceramic coatings are much stronger than basic paint, it can still be damaged by an automatic carwash and it is imperative to steer clear of them. If you ever find yourself in a rush to get the car clean, a touchless car wash is a wonderful alternative.

If you’ve had your vehicle ceramic coated by SweetCars, we urge you to call in and schedule your free annual inspection. This is probably one of the most important steps to maintain your vehicle’s finish. We check the quality, protection, and ease of cleaning in order to make sure your vehicle is still aesthetically pleasing and performing to the level it did the first time you picked it up.

SweetCars’ Retail Store Has Products Picked by the Pros

Every single product you need to maintain your car is available in our retail store. We carry everything from 5-gallon buckets to ceramic topcoats that are perfectly safe to use on top of your coated car. For more information on how to keep your ceramic coated vehicle looking the best it can, feel free to stop in or call us and we would be happy to show you how to use all the products we recommend.

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