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Leveling up the 2023 Porsche GT4RS

Beautiful car, harsh roadways

Road racing is never kind to any track car. High speeds can rip up rock chipping and debris, which can smack up into the car and quickly wear down the vehicle finish. Even the most racing-focused road cars will inevitably see some serious wear and tear.

The owner of this beautiful 2023 Porsche GT4RS, David S, road races cars across the country. RS models are known to be the maxed-out, best of the best versions of a vehicle, with only a limited number ever produced. Such a car is worth protecting.

2023 Porsche GT4RS
2023 Porsche GT4RS

David recently brought his Porsche to SweetCars with just 68 total miles on the odometer. From our initial inspection, we noticed some slight rock chip damage already from the stock tires. Our goal with this project was to provide as much protection as possible, guaranteeing this car will last its owner for the long haul.

Keeping that signature shine

We began by fixing the minor cosmetic damage and applying a full-vehicle paint protection package. We doubled up the SunTek Reaction film in high impact areas for extreme track coverage. This innovative material integrates the super hydrophobic nature of a ceramic coating with premium, self-healing paint protection film.

Our detailing team wanted to be certain this GT4RS could withstand up to the harshest of road conditions, so they combined the SunTek PPF with two additional layers of Ceramic Pro PPF/Vinyl Base and PPF/Vinyl Topcoat protection. SweetCars worked with Integrity Auto Glass to apply windshield rock protection film from ExoShield. Plus, to help prevent summer heat from warping dash pads or fading interior trim, Integrity also helped us apply SunTek Evolve window tint, which offers top-notch UV protection by blocking 96% of UV rays.

Prioritizing safety

Of course, we wanted to do more than protect paint and glass. We wanted to better protect the driver as well. Because of the 2023 model’s novelty, the project required some serious customization and testing.

For example, Competition Motorsports had produced a roll bar cage for a previous model GT4, but it no longer fit in the new GT4RS. A CMS representative sent us the older version for testing. We quickly determined what wasn’t working, took down measurements, and made suggestions on how to adapt the old kit. CMS welded up new bars and sent the revised kit for us to test again. Eventually, our collaboration resulted in CMS developing a cage with the perfect fit for the GT4RS platform.

Here’s what else we installed into the car’s interior:

  • Schroth Enduro GT3 6 Point Harnesses
  • CMS Under Seat Sub Strap Mounting Kits
  • Rennscot RSpro Harness Collars

SweetCars was one of the first, if not the first, vendors in the world to install aftermarket wheels on the new GT4RS. Custom fitting this model would require some more pioneering. We sent precision measurements to Forgeline Motorsports, accounting for brake caliper clearance, suspension parts, and inner and outer fender parts. Forgeline manufactured a test wheel for us, and we installed it on two different GT4RS models, one with Steel Brakes and another with Porsche Carbon Composite Brakes.

Once we were satisfied with how the wheels fit on David’s car, we equipped those wheels with brand-new racing slick Hoosier R7 Tires. Specifically, the 265/35/R19 in the front and the 295/35/R19 in the rear. Racing tires tend to get sticky and flick up more pebbles, which is why the PPF detailing mentioned earlier was so important.

A satisfied customer

David seemed very pleased with the process overall. He’s got a busy race schedule lined up, and he says he’s eager to showcase his ramped-up ride.

If it wasn’t made clear already, SweetCars team members will always go the extra mile to take your favorite vehicle to the next level. No matter what you need, we’re here to help! We can help match you with the perfect car, protect your investment, or customize your vehicle however you like. Please give us a call at (260) 207-2277 or stop into SweetCars today.

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