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SweetCars protects new family car from harsh roadways (and messy kids)

Protecting Your Car from Everyday Risks

SunTek Reaction Paint Protection Film is designed to hold up against the many hazards of the roadway. Flying gravel, salt, and grit can all wreak havoc on a car’s exterior without the proper protection. But the owner of this Calligraphy Package 2023 Hyundai Palisade asked us to protect his vehicle from what can often be the biggest damage risk of all:

Kids being kids.

A stray toy dragged through the garage, a rogue bike handlebar, a hastily swung door in a busy parking lot; any of these common occurrences can wreak havoc on your car’s exterior.

Michael, the 2023 Palisade’s owner, bought this SUV to help transport his young, growing family all-year round. He currently lives in Columbus, Ohio, but has Fort Wayne roots. Months before even taking delivery of his vehicle, he approached us at SweetCars to ask us about our PPF packages. He said he knew about our attention to detail and told us SweetCars was the only shop he felt comfortable employing for this project.

Meticulous and Precise

The owner asked us to apply a full vehicle wrap using SunTek Reaction PPF. He also requested several additional layers of protection with the Ceramic Pro Gold package.

Michael’s Palisade Calligraphy was the first of its model type to arrive in the entire tri-state area. Given the novelty of the vehicle, our paint protection film specialist Chris had to utilize bulk materials, hand cutting every piece to fit the forward-facing surfaces. This proved to be particularly challenging when applying protection to the car’s signature radiator grill. Chris took his time, tediously applying each piece individually, a further demonstration of why customers consider SweetCars’ attention to detail second to none.

After we completed the job, Michael told us he was immensely grateful for the peace of mind SweetCars’ expert detailing work would provide. No matter what the kids get up to, he said he can be confident he won’t soon discover any new scrapes or scratches on the family car.

Let us help take your car to the next level. Whatever you need, we’re here to help! We can help match you with the perfect car, protect your investment, or customize your vehicle however you like. Please give us a call at (260) 207-2277 or stop into SweetCars today.

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