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SweetCars Helps Customer Customize the Pitch Perfect Lamborghini SV

Here at SweetCars, we strive for perfection. Our customers do too. When they invest in a luxury sports car, a few small issues or annoyances can sidetrack their pursuit of owning their perfect, dream car. A repeat customer of ours came to us for help perfecting his 2016 Lamborghini Aventador SV. It’s a beautiful car, but the customer still had a few qualms.

He told us he often drives this vehicle for fun, showcases it at car shows, and races it at rallies. Naturally, this car will need to ascend many driveways and ramps, but with its low, aerodynamic body, the customer said he was having some issues doing so. The average driveway is angled at nearly 8°, so mathematically, it was a matter of when, not if, he would scrape his front bumper. He told us he wanted to take preemptive action to protect his ride from underside damage.

SweetCars went right to work installing Scrape Armor protection under the car’s front bumper, precision fit to the customer’s specific Lamborghini.

But the car still wasn’t quite perfect. The owner desired the sound of his exhaust to match a certain tone. So, while the car was still in the shop, we installed a full RYFT exhaust system. By updating the exhaust, we were able to add more sound and a more refined exhaust note.

This proved to be quite the extensive overhaul. We had to remove all the underbody closeout panels, the entire rear bumper, the rear lower diffuser, the rear wing, and the wheel liners, just to gain access for the install. Then, and only then, after the car was fully torn down, were we able to swap out the exhaust components.

From start to finish, our team put in roughly ten hours of work. But the result? The customer’s perfect, dream car presented to him exactly how he wanted it.

Let us help take your car to the next level. Whatever you need, we’re here to help! We can help match you with the perfect car, protect your investment, or customize your vehicle however you like. Please give us a call at (260) 207-2277 or stop into SweetCars today.

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