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PPF Detailing SweetCars

SweetCars provides the ultimate protection to a rare 2023 BMW M3 50th Jahre Edition

Custom Parts, Custom Shine

SweetCars customers love customizing their cars, transforming their favorite rides to fit their personal tastes. Naturally, if you put that much work into crafting the perfect vehicle, you want to guarantee you can protect it from the harsh conditions of the road.

The owner of this 2023 BMW M3 50th Jahre Edition personalized it with several custom parts prior to bringing it to us. This particular M3 model is one of only 500 produced, but he desired for it to be truly one of a kind and plans to use the car mostly for car shows, cruise ins, and drives on days with beautiful weather. 

SweetCars completed a full vehicle wrap of this BMW using SunTek Reaction PPF. For the custom parts, no pre-cut PPF templates were available to print from our plotter. Here’s how we worked around that: Chris Jones is one of our PPF specialists. He was able to custom bulk wrap these parts, including a carbon fiber Vorsteiner front motorsports grille, a carbon fiber front spoiler, and a carbon fiber deck lid spoiler. Chris applied a full sheet of paint protection film to each panel and then custom fit the piece of film to fit that specific part.

With Chris’s work complete, he passed the baton to Brian Horne, another PPF specialist. Brian applied additional protective layers with our Ceramic Pro Gold Package, which includes vinyl base and vinyl topcoat protection. While the SunTek PPF protects against stone chips, road debris and other damage, these layers of Ceramic Pro provide additional protection from the elements and ensure easy cleaning and detailing for years to come.

Protecting the Interior

Because the owner expects this car to see a lot of sunshine, we knew it was doubly important to install a sufficient tint on the windows. We again teamed up with Integrity Auto Glass to add SunTek CIR ceramic window tint. The customer selected a 20% CIR film, which offers up to an 85% rejection of infrared radiation. This benefits the customer in two ways. First, it keeps the cabin temperature cool in the summer heat. Second, it prevents the sun from fading the interior surfaces, keeping this beautiful car looking like new throughout every season.

Let us help take your car to the next level. No matter what you need, we’re here to help! We can help match you with the perfect car, protect your investment, or customize your vehicle however you like. Please give us a call at (260) 207-2277 or stop into SweetCars today.

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