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SweetCars finds the perfect set of wheels for 2021 Chevrolet Corvette C8

The Search for the Perfect Wheels

A car’s wheels can make or break the aesthetic, and sometimes the factory wheel options just don’t cut it. It’s not uncommon for customers to approach SweetCars to add aftermarket wheels to vehicles of all kinds. Sometimes, it’s because they just don’t like the look of the factory wheels, while other customers swap out the wheels to differentiate their ride from similar model cars on the road.

Chuck F. is a regular customer of ours. He recently purchased a beautiful 2021 Chevrolet Corvette C8 and brought it in to us with just 56 total miles on the odometer. Chuck loved everything about the car, minus the factory wheels. Without delay, our team at SweetCars began the process to spec and supply Chuck with the perfect custom wheels.

Whenever a customer approaches us with a custom wheel request, we first provide them with an array of recommended options from multiple wheel manufacturers. We work together to narrow down the list until the customer is able to confidently select their favorite. SweetCars will then reach out to our suppliers to order pre-built or custom-built wheels, depending on the customer’s selection.

In the case of Chuck, he chose the HRE Flow Form FF11 Wheel set finished in Liquid Metal, further accenting the sleek, stylish look of the Corvette. We used 19” and 20” staggered wheels to allow for us to reuse the car’s factory tires.

Protecting Chuck’s Ride

Chuck also saw the importance in protecting his Corvette’s exterior from the road and its interior from the sun. While his C8 was in the shop, Chuck asked us to apply the Ceramic Pro Gold Package. The layers of Ceramic Pro 9H and Topcoat protection work wonders to shield the car’s paint job from the elements as well as keeps the car easy to clean and eliminates the need for waxing. As a final touch, we partnered with our friends at Integrity Auto Glass to install SunTek Carbon tint to the windows in a 30% film. It’s a vital step toward maintaining the rich, dark interior colors for years to come.

Let us help take your car to the next level. No matter what you need, we’re here to help! We can help match you with the perfect car, protect your investment, or customize your vehicle however you like. Please give us a call at (260) 207-2277 or stop into SweetCars today.

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