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Lamborghini SVJ V.I.C.

Lamborghini SVJ Receives the V.I.C. (Very Important Car) Treatment at SweetCars

Most people are familiar with the term V.I.P. or “Very Important Person.” It’s a designation reserved for celebrities and guests deserving of the utmost respect and accommodation. While we’re always dedicated to providing top-notch care for every single vehicle that enters our shop, some cars innately require the V.I.C. or “Very Important Car” treatment. After all, when you’re given responsibility for a car with a base price topping $500,000, you tend to act a little star struck.

That was the case with this 2021 Lamborghini Aventador SVJ Roadster. Packed with a 770hp V12 engine, this model was one of only 800 ever produced.

Rolling out the Red Carpet

With just 49 miles on the odometer, the owner requested we trailer his SVJ to SweetCars, where we could apply our ultimate protection package. We hired a specialized automotive shipping company to pick up the vehicle at the customer’s house. The trailer came equipped with ramps built into the floor, ensuring the super wide car had plenty of clearance on both sides.

Once we had the car in our garage, we created a safe working space to cut out any unnecessary foot traffic and ensure nothing could accidentally fall onto the vehicle. We then began to apply our SunTek Ultra Matte paint protection film. The car’s ultra-cool matte black finish required us to pay extra special attention during the PPF application. Matte colored vehicles tend to be extremely difficult to repair and repaint, which is why high-quality PPF is so essential.

Chris and Brian, our Paint Protection Specialists, meticulously covered all exterior surfaces with PPF. They covered many interior parts also, including the fully exposed carbon fiber inner door panels.

Proper Windshield Protection

When you’re dealing with vehicles of this rarity, replacement windshields can prove difficult to source and install, making them incredibly expensive. Naturally, our best practice is to provide as much protection to the existing windshield as possible to reduce the need for a replacement. We teamed up with our friends at Integrity Auto Glass to apply an ExoShield windshield protection film. Rock chips won’t stand a chance against this nanoceramic coating technology. As a final touch, we finished our protective work by installing a Ceramic Pro Gold Package to the entire vehicle.

While we’ve packed enough protection into this SVJ to power through even the harshest of roadways, the owner told us he doesn’t expect the car to see much mileage. He will keep it for display in his collection and only take it out on exceptionally nice days. Thanks to SweetCar’s careful detailing work, we’re confident this 2021 model will stay in spotless, like-new condition, bolstering its value as a rare collector’s item.

Let us show your car the V.I.C. treatment. Whatever you need, we’re here to help! We can help match you with the perfect car, protect your investment, or customize your vehicle however you like. Please give us a call at (260) 207-2277 or stop into SweetCars today.

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