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A must-have product for any detailer. The IPA 50/50

There is one product that every detailer both professional and enthusiast should be without. Its inexpensive, easy to find and has numerous uses. Perhaps you’ve heard of detailers talking about doing an “IPA wipedown” before waxing, and the product they are discussing has been a trick of the trade for years. The “IPA” is traditionally a mix of 50% Isopropyl Alcohol and 50% water. This inexpensive and easy to make detailing wonder of a product, is primarily used to prep the car after polishing to remove the oils left behind from the polish and it sets up the surface before waxing. It eliminates the “fish eyes” and other issues associated with waxing after polishing. 50/50 mix lets you see the paint finish as “true” without the remaining polish interfering and makes it great for inspecting paint.  When making a mix, its important to remember that Isopropyl Alcohol is what is to be used and to not substitute for any other type. The percentages vary for Isopropyl, but I usually choose one the higher side of concentration. This 50/50 solution also has other uses that makes it highly useful, it makes a great bug and tar remover and works wonders on tree sap. Its safe, effective and easy to use and its generally costs about one dollar to make.

Use a concentration higher than 70% for effective results
50/50 IPA works great on tree sap
Removing tree sap from rubber trim with IPA
Spray IPA mix on a lint-free cloth
Let the IPA stand for about a minute, then wipe down to remove stubborn tree sap
Voila! Safe, clean and it took less than a minute.

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