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4 Essential Items for Your Vehicle this Winter

Winter tends to bring its own unique set of complications and things to keep in mind when caring for your car. Suddenly, we go from quickly jumping in our car and cruising to our destination — to tirelessly scraping snow and ice off our windows before we can even think about putting the car into drive. Having the right products on standby can not only save you time but will

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SweetCars Is Now An Authorized 22PLE Installation Center in the USA!

At SweetCars, we are always in pursuit of the very best products available for our customers. 22ple is one of those products. 22ple Glass Coating is a product that has been researched and developed for years before it was introduced. Here at SweetCars, I’ve researched this product extensively before introducing it into our detail studio. Speaking directly with it’s developer in Singapore and it’s importer to the U.S. Todd Cooperider

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The paint clay process took the detailing world by storm since it’s introduction decades ago. Since then, detailers have used the clay process to remove surface contaminants to leave a clean paint surface on which further work can be done. Now there is a new product that has been making waves in the detailing world. This product takes the process further than the traditional paint clay and in less time.

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Griot’s Garage Leather Care Spray

There are a lot of leather conditioners and cleaners out in the detailing market, and one of the companies that has taken the challenge to develop an exciting line of leather care products is Griot’s Garage. Griot’s Garage set out to develop a product that would not only feed the leather with essential nutrients, but clean the leather as well without a greasy-feel. I’ve been using the product in the

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Sonax Wheel Cleaner Full Effect

Automobiles, especially exotic or high performance automobiles can build up plenty of brake dust from either regular stop and go traffic or high-performance driving. When wheels look at their absolute worse, Sonax Wheel Cleaner Full Effect is ready to tackle on the most stubborn and burned on brake dust and rubber residue. As a proud sponsor of the F1 Mclaren/Mercedes team, Sonax can clean up what ever brake dust Lewis

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Griot’s Garage Wash & Wax

For a long time, Griot’s Garage has always suggested using their Spray-On Wax during the wash process to aid in drying and to provide the protection of Carnauba. Now they have introduced a new product that combines these two products in one easy solution. The  new “Wash & Wax” from Griot’s Garage provides a great wash soap with the added benefit of a wax for those situations when time is

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How to Polish Exhaust Tips with Griot’s Heavy Duty Metal Polish

Here’s a great how-to on polishing exhaust tips on your car. I used Griot’s Heavy Duty Metal Polish, 0000 augt steel wool, detail swabs and a shop microfiber towel to buff. When I washed the vehicle, I used Griot’s Heavy Duty Wheel Cleaner to remove the grime and dirt from the exhaust tips prior to polishing. You can find these products from Griot’s at the Driver’s Edge at SweetCars. Here

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How to technique: Dry your car without scratching with Griot’s Garage MF Drying Towel

Scratches and swirls can really affect the look of any vehicle. But how does this happen? Most people don’t intend to put scratches and swirls on their paint. One of the   biggest contributors of scratches and swirls is improper drying techniques. Its important to use the right towel for the job and use it properly to avoid scratching the paint finish. My towel of choice is the Micro Fiber

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A must-have product for any detailer. The IPA 50/50

There is one product that every detailer both professional and enthusiast should be without. Its inexpensive, easy to find and has numerous uses. Perhaps you’ve heard of detailers talking about doing an “IPA wipedown” before waxing, and the product they are discussing has been a trick of the trade for years. The “IPA” is traditionally a mix of 50% Isopropyl Alcohol and 50% water. This inexpensive and easy to make

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Griot’s Garage One-Step Sealant

When time becomes a factor and you need great results that also offer long-lasting protection, “AIO” or All-in-One products are great products for this type of detailing. There are many great products like this on the market, I have a few that I am particularly fond of using in my shop and one of them is the One-Step Sealant from Griot’s Garage. I pulled this AIO out for a detail

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