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4 Essential Items for Your Vehicle this Winter

Winter tends to bring its own unique set of complications and things to keep in mind when caring for your car. Suddenly, we go from quickly jumping in our car and cruising to our destination — to tirelessly scraping snow and ice off our windows before we can even think about putting the car into drive. Having the right products on standby can not only save you time but will help to protect you and your ride from harsh winter conditions. Below are four important products we’ve handpicked for you to consider buying before winter. They’re all available in the Driver’s Edge car-product section right here at SweetCars.


Nextzett Anti-Frost: Nextzett Anti-Frost was specifically designed to remove frost and ice from your windshield safely and without streaking. For the best results, you simply combine a one-to-one mixture of Anti-Frost and water into your vehicle’s windshield-washer reservoir, and, after you activate your wiper fluid a few times, your days of scraping and chiseling ice off your windshield are behind you. Purchase at SweetCars for just $8.99.

Whip’s Wax Road Salt Remover: This is an essential product for keeping your car looking clean and salt-free during the winter months. Salt removal is extremely important to avoid potential rusting and buildup on floor mats, and using this product is super simple! Spray it directly to the surface, agitate it, and let it sit for five minutes. Finish the job by continuing on with your typical washing process, and keep your floor mats the color they were intended to be. Purchase at SweetCars for just $19.99

SnoBrum Sno-Pro: We highly recommend this snow brush because of its quality build and easy reach. Due to the push-broom design, removing snow from all areas of your car can be done in a breeze — allowing you to get out of the cold quicker! And, thanks to its polyethylene foam head design, the Sno-Pro is delicate on all surfaces, ensuring your vehicle paint doesn’t end up with scratches or scrapes. Purchase at SweetCars for just $24.99

NOCO GB20 Boost Sport Jump-Starter: This is essential to keeping your battery healthy and strong during the winter months. We have many that we recommend, but one of our favorites is the GB20 Boost Sport jump-starter due to its exceptional battery life, lightweight and sleek design, and super simple ease of use. It will start your car in seconds, and you can get over 20 jumps over the course of several months before you ever have to charge it again. Car batteries can be finicky this time of year; and getting stuck with a dead battery isn’t just inconvenient, it can be dangerous. Purchase at SweetCars for just $98.99

With these products, you’re sure to be well prepared for the winter months. Something else to consider — we’d always recommend you protect your ride with Paint Protection Film (PPF) and/or Ceramic Pro coating as an even better way to protect against salt, cold, road damage, and more. You can read more about PPF and Ceramic Pro, and request a quote, right here.

SweetCars is committed to helping you find and understand the products you need to keep your vehicle running in top shape. Please give us a call at (260) 207-2277 or stop into SweetCars today to talk with one of our amazing and passionate team members!


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