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Griot’s Garage Wash & Wax

For a long time, Griot’s Garage has always suggested using their Spray-On Wax during the wash process to aid in drying and to provide the protection of Carnauba. Now they have introduced a new product that combines these two products in one easy solution. The  new “Wash & Wax” from Griot’s Garage provides a great wash soap with the added benefit of a wax for those situations when time is a factor. I’ve had the opportunity to test this new product out and I was curious to see how Griot’s new “hydrophobic” technology would perform in a wash soap. Using my Griot’s Ultimate Car Wash Bucket, I used the suggested amount which is about 3 to 4 capfuls. I could instantly smell the watermelon scent from the soap as the hot water hit the bucket. It did create a great amount of suds and using it in conjunction with a microfiber wash mitt, it did create a good cleaning lubricity to easily move the mitt around safely. I had used this on a vehicle that I had previously paint corrected and the wax had worn off by now since the last time I worked on the vehicle. When it was time to rinse the vehicle, the Griot’s Wax component was definitely working as I could see the water running off and beading in the same way that it would on a recently waxed car. The car was practically drying itself due to the way the water was reacting on the surface. It made it really easy to dry the vehicle with just one towel. I was pretty impressed by this new soap from Griot’s Garage. The soap comes in a 16 ounce bottle that sells for $10.99 or in a one gallon for $44.99. I do like the scent they have added but primarily, the wax factor is the best part of this product because of the ease in drying that it creates. This is a great soap for someone washing in between wax applications and is a great “maintenance” soap. The new “Wash & Wax” from Griot’s Garage is now available at SweetCars at the Driver’s Edge.




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