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Griot’s Garage One-Step Sealant

Griot’s Garage One-Step Sealant does a fantastic job on heavily oxidized finishes.

When time becomes a factor and you need great results that also offer long-lasting protection, “AIO” or All-in-One products are great products for this type of detailing. There are many great products like this on the market, I have a few that I am particularly fond of using in my shop and one of them is the One-Step Sealant from Griot’s Garage. I pulled this AIO out for a detail on a heavily oxidized truck. Using my Griot’s random orbital buffer, I   set the buffer to speed 4 and using a Yellow Hex-Logic Foam Pad from Chemical Guys, I started on this badly oxidized truck. Inferior products tend to not work as well on these type of oxidized finishes because they can be difficult to remove and work with. The Griot’s One-Step was really easy to apply and easy to buff off. I worked the product in a cross-hatch pattern and applying it in 2X2 sections and then buffing it off. Set up time is quick and just needs buffed with a Microfiber towel shortly after being applied. As with any heavily oxidized paints, my pad started to get extremely dirty and I had to clean my pad occasionally. This product is basically a combination of Griot’s Machine Polish #3 and Griot’s Paint Sealant. It does provide fast and easy results for those everyday vehicles and if time is a factor, its a one-two punch that really saves time and can be done fairly quickly.

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