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Sheri and dad

Father’s Day Tribute —The Good Ol’ Days

My father was a hard-working man. He always had something to do. One could say he was a man of many talents. He loved seeing the benefits of hard work no matter what it was. He owned a bar, body shop, rental properties, and a farm — his life, our life, was busy. Those were not all owned at the same time. Some overlapped but there still wasn’t much time

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From C1 to C8 — the Corvette Life

My desire to own a Corvette really started in 1960, the year of the C1, first generation Corvette. I first saw this dream car at the Chevrolet dealer in Rossburg, Ohio, just 15 miles from my home. They were the one of the largest, if not the largest Corvette dealer anywhere in the state of Ohio at the time. They had many, many Corvettes — everything from a 1953 to a

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About Us

Driving a freshly detailed car is a simple luxury you deserve. At SweetCars, our Detailing team will customize the perfect detailing package for your vehicle. We consider ourselves artists, and your car is our medium. We’re confident you’ll agree after you see your pride and joy restored to better-than-showroom condition. Our passion-driven performance has set itself apart from the competition by providing an attention to detail not commonly seen in

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