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Tuf Shine Product Review

Tire dressings always compliment a great detail by giving tires a finished look. But depending on the tire dressing being used or if applied to heavily, it can often give undesired results. If applied too heavily, it can cause the dressing to sling across the sides of the vehicle. It can also make it messy when changing out a tire, it can make tires look extremely “greasy” and ultimately most of them simply do not last long enough. It only takes one rainy day or a simple wash to start wearing off. Tuf Shine is a product that helps address all of these issues and provides a non-greasy, dry to the touch, long lasting shine. It is actually a clearcoat that provides a coating to give the tires a great shine without the mess of conventional tire dressings. Perfect for low profile tires and cars with tires that extend slightly outside the wheelwells. The kit comes with a 32 oz. bottle of Tire Cleaner/Prep, 6 oz. Tire ClearCoat, a Tire Brush, Nitrile Gloves and an Applicator Sponge. There is enough to last through a dozen applications in this kit. I’ve been using this product for a long time in my detailing, and its one of the best tire dressings on the market. Not easily found in stores, this product is available at SweetCars at the Driver’s Edge.

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