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SweetCars Is Now An Authorized 22PLE Installation Center in the USA!

At SweetCars, we are always in pursuit of the very best products available for our customers. 22ple is one of those products. 22ple Glass Coating is a product that has been researched and developed for years before it was introduced. Here at SweetCars, I’ve researched this product extensively before introducing it into our detail studio. Speaking directly with it’s developer in Singapore and it’s importer to the U.S. Todd Cooperider at Esoteric Detail, it is a product that is truly remarkable. Revolutionary in so many ways, 22ple has introduced a completely long-lasting approach to protective coatings. Unlike some of the current coatings available at dealerships and shops that over promise and under deliver, 22ple is truly the real deal. Recommended for paint corrected finishes and developed in Singapore, 22ple contains a high degree of Silica that upon curing provides an incredible coating that is both long-lasting and gloss enhancing. The hardened glass barrier provides a thin layer of protection that is unparalleled by other products. While many waxes and sealants offer protection that can last from a month to 6 months, 22ple Glass Coating provides protection that lasts 18-24 months! It also makes it easier to maintain a paint corrected finish because  of it’s superior protection barrier. Cleaning is also easier because of it’s ability to create a surface that resists contaminants. The wash process is noticeably effortless as it’s hydrophobic properties allow for easier washing and drying and thus making it safer to dry without issues. 22ple Trim Restorer also known as VR1, will restore faded trim with 22ple’s long lasting formula. While some restorers will wash away after a month or so, 22ple VR1 will last up to one year by comparison. 22ple VM1 formula for wheels and metal is a high temperature formula that will make cleaning brake dust and grime a snap. The protection that 22ple VM1 provides, will give longer protection than conventional wheel and metal sealants on the market today. Protect your investment with the highest level of protection today. Call us at 260-207-2277 to find out more about 22ple or e-mail me at mike@sweetcars.com.

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