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Griot’s Garage Premium Carnauba Paste Wax

New from Griot’s Garage its the Premium Carnauba Paste Wax. We were sent a sample of this product to evaluate and test for Griot’s Garage prior to the official release and the results were great. The carnauba wax content is really high for a wax in this price range. The results rival those of some waxes that cost 3 times as much. Griot’s introduces their new Hydrophobic Technology that claims to create a “non-wettable” surface by curving the way water beads on the surface and thus creating less surface contact. I first tried this on a black Ferrari 360 Spider that I had recently corrected and I compared it to other waxes I had in the shop. The results were similar to most of the higher end waxes and in some cases gave superior results to those in the same realm of waxes. At $39.99, I think its a great bargain because of the quantity (14 ounces), the quality of white carnauba and in the ever rising price of quality waxes, the price. Not to mention the results. I’ve added it my arsenal of products in the shop and if you’re looking for a wax that is easy the work with and have been discouraged by others in the past, I recommend trying this wax by Griot’s. The set up time is pretty fast and typical of white carnauba waxes, buffing is easy and I recommend doing small sections at a time and buffing them rather quickly because the wax sets up pretty fast. I’m surprised Griot’s Garage hasn’t come out with this sooner.

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