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Detailing Packages and Prices

At the SweetCars Detailing Studio, we provide a wide variety of services to our clients. We are capable of providing from a maintenance detail to full concours preparation and everything in between. We are also able to travel and perform detailing on-site for those vehicles that must remain on location. Call us today to schedule an appointment at (260) 207-2277.

The Essentials: ($99 for Cars/ $100 for SUVs and large Vehicles)

Worlds above a traditional cleaning, this level of detailing service is perfect for upkeep between our higher-level cleanings and is ideal for daily drivers of all makes and models.

Exterior Services
  • Carefully washed by hand using the highest quality soaps available with our three bucket process and proper techniques to avoid swirls and scratches
  • Hand dried with the finest microfiber towels – Using the proper methods for a 100% safely dried vehicle
  • Appropriate and safe wheel cleaner matched to your vehicle’s wheels.
  • Wheels safely scrubbed by hand using the safest methods to ensure the best
  • Tires are dressed

Interior Services

  • All interior surfaces vacuumed, including trunks and mats
  • Surfaces wiped down
  • All interior windows cleaned

The Car Therapy Detail: ($350 for Cars / $450 for Large Vehicles & SUV’s)

This thorough cleaning includes everything offered at our basic level and adds a number of premium services to give your car a fantastic look, inside and out.

Exterior Services
Includes everything from “The Essentials” plus:
  • Wheel wells thoroughly cleaned and treated.
  • Additional attention to special features of the car (e.g., chrome trim pieces, exhaust tips, external vents and emblems)
  • Machine polish to clean, polish and protect your vehicle’s paint
  • Tires are dressed with TufShine for a long lasting shine that does not sling onto paint
  • Wheel barrels and wheel surfaces are cleaned
Interior Services
Includes everything from “The Essentials” plus:
  • Intense cleaning of the vents, edges, trim, screws, and all crevices, using our professional detailing tools and techniques
  • All leather, rubber, vinyl, plastic, and other interior surfaces cleaned and protected with the appropriate product for each surface
  • Dry steaming and extraction of carpet and mats

* Engine Detailing, Paint Touch Up, Paintless Dent Removal and Leather Repair are services that are also available. Ask for Pricing on these Services.

Paint Correction

Paint Correction detailing can be done at additional rates. Hybrid Paint Correction starts at $600 for cars and $800 for SUVs. Full Paint Correction prices begin at $800 for cars and $1000 for SUVs. These details can take an estimated time from 2-4 days to complete.

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