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Ford GT Paint Correction and 22ple Installation Detail

Considered by Ford as the “pace car for an entire company”. The Ford GT was a vehicle that drew inspiration from the GT40 cars of the 1960’s. The Ford GT was built from 2005-2006, with a total number of 4038 cars built. The Ford GT could technically be called the Ford GT43 due to its extra 3 inches of height in comparison to the GT40. The GT40 with its four continuous FIA victories at LeMans, was a car that almost certainly gave Enzo Ferrari a lot of sleepless nights.

A very special client brought in his 2005 Ford GT to SweetCars to be detailed. With only 7 Ford GT cars being built in January of 2005, This particular Ford GT is a very rare “stripe delete” vehicle. Ford GTs without stripes are highly sought after by collectors. This Ford GT needed its protective film removed and the paint was in for correction after removal. The car was also in for a 22ple VX1 Pro installation. The wheels were removed, polished and treated with 22ple VM1. The brake calipers and exhaust were also treated for easy maintenance. The engine was detailed and the interior was detailed and conditioned. After 2 1/2 days, the Ford GT was brought back to an impressive condition. With its soft clear coat courtesy of Saleen, it is now easier to maintain by its owner without the risk of marring and thus keeping its freshly detailed appearance for a very long time. Here are pictures of the detailing process of the Ford GT. Enjoy!

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